moka pot brew basics

the italian masterpiece

the moka pot has experienced a bit of a resurgence of late. no doubt due to its ability to produce a viscous, appropriately dense espresso brew.

master this tiny, italian-made, eight-sided wonder with our moka pot brewing basics guide.

pro tip:

if you have a new moka pot, clean it with water and baking soda. then make two pots of coffee (but don’t drink them!), before using it to brew your first cup

coffee bean sketch

brewing specs

coffee: 18g

grind: fine

water: 300g

water temp: 185°f / 85°c

brew ratio: approx. 1:16

brewing time: 11mins

moka pot 1

brew tools

moka pot brewer

heat source (cooker hob)

burr grinder


digital kitchen scale


moka pot alpina

step-by-step brewing method

step 01. bring your water to the boil in your kettle. where possible, use low-mineral content water as it prevents the flavour of the coffee aroma being altered

step 02. meanwhile, grind your coffee to a fine consistency

step 03. fill the lower chamber up to the steam-release valve and add the funnel filter into the chamber making sure the water doesn’t fill the valve ⁠— empty some out if necessary

moka pot basket
moka pot shot

step 04. fill the funnel with enough finely ground coffee so that it forms a rounded dome, then tap the funnel to level out the grounds

step 05. without tamping or compressing, make sure the rubber gasket is in place and then screw the top half of the moka pot onto the bottom

step 06. place your moka onto the heat source making sure it covers the bottom of the pot without reaching the handle. set the timer to 11 minutes and start

step 07. as the water begins to heat, coffee is extracted from the funnel. keep the heat on low to allow for a gradual extraction ⁠— this allows for a more thorough extraction of the flavours resulting in a strong and sharp taste

step 08. after 10 minutes a gurgle will tell you the water has finished heating. about 10 to 15 seconds after you hear it, remove the pot from the heat source

step 09. the coffee will continue to percolate for a while longer. serve and enjoy as soon as this finishes

step 10. true aficionados drink espresso straight. but it’s fine to add sugar depending on your personal tastes