siphon coffee

brewing guide

Bring a little theatre to your coffee

Siphon coffee was invented in the 1840s and has been refined many times since, but a few principles still hold true: It produces a delicate, tea-like cup of coffee; it can be quite persnickety; and it is, for our money, one of the coolest brew methods available. Show off your craft coffee brewing skills with our Siphon brewing guide.

Base Specs

Coffee: 22g
Grind: Medium fine
Water: 300g
Water Temp: 202°F / 95°C
Brew ratio: Approx. 1:14
Brewing time: 1min 55secs


Siphon / Vaccum coffee-maker
Heat source
Digital kitchen scale

Step 01.

If you’re using a new filter, boil it for 5 minutes. If its been stored, soak it in warm water. While the filter preps, grind your coffee to a medium-fine size.

Set the siphon stand (with bulb) on the scale and zero out. Now add the water to the bulb until the scale reads 300g.

Step 02.

Add the prepared filter to the hopper by gently lowering it so that the chain hangs through the stem.

Next, pull down the chain and attach the hook to the side of the stem. Loosely attach the hopper to the bulb but do not seal yet.

Step 03.

Place a heat source under the bottom chamber and use a thermometer to get the water to 197ºF / 92ºC. At this point adjust the hopper so that it’s upright and firmly sealed.

Wait until the water works its way up through the filter and into the hopper.

Step 04.

Bring the water temprature up to 202°F / 95°C and turn down the heat. Now add your coffee grounds, start your timer, and quickly push the dry grounds down into the slurry.

When the timer reads 0:30, stir the mix three times with your stirrer for 50 seconds.

Step 05.

When the timer reads 1:20, turn off the heat but keep stirring until the water drains from the hopper into the bulb below.

The bulb water level will stop and there will be bubbles. All your coffee should be drained by the time the timer reads 1:55.

Step 06.

Carefully remove the hopper from the stand (to do this you may need to hold the bulb steadya as it can spin), and set aside to cool.

Step 07. Sit back, pour and relax

Serve the coffee directly from the bulb into preheated cups and enjoy!