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french press coffee is dense and heavy, yet has its own sort of elegance but as with any method, the devil is in the details! and, with our french press brewing guide, you’ll achieve a full expression of your specialty coffee and produce a rich and heady cup.

our french press brewing guide is based around the one detailed in Jessica Easto’s book “Craft Coffee A Manual“. tt uses an extra coarse grind and longer steeping time to produce an arguably more evenly balanced cup.

the most underrated method of brewing coffee

James Hoffmann
The World Atlas of Coffee
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brewing specs

coffee: 29g

grind: extra coarse

water: 400g

water temp: 185°f / 85°c

brew ratio: approx. 1:14

brewing time: 8mins

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brew tools

french press brewer


burr grinder


digital kitchen scale


french press pour

step-by-step french press brewing method

step 01. bring your water to the boil

step 02. while the water heats, set your timer for 8 minutes (but don’t start it), and grind your coffee to an extra coarse consistency. for french press coffee, your grind consistency is less important than the freshness of the grind

step 03. transfer the grounds into the french press and gently shake to level the grounds and then place onto the scale and zero

french press brewing pot
french press shot

step 04. when the water boils, start your timer and quickly add the water to the french press until the scale reads 400g

step 05. after 30 to 45 seconds, gently stir the water until most of the grounds start to sink to the bottom. now place the plunger over the top but don’t depress yet

step 06. when the timer reaches 8 minutes, slowly and gently depress the plunger. avoid forcefully depressing the plunger as it will result in an unnecessary amount of agitation which will ruin the balance of your cup

step 07. voilà. your perfect pot of french press coffee is ready to be served

step 08. transfer to a separate carafe, add your foamed milk (optional) and enjoy your perfect cup

coffee bean sketch

brew ratios

for every 1 tablespoon of coffee add 113g of water:

3 cup press = 340g water

8 cup press = 964g water

12 cup press = 1446g water

the stronger you like it the more you can add

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