morning coffee brew boosters

it's time to elevate your morning coffee

a great morning coffee has the power to turn “please leave me alone!” into “good morning”

morning coffee

choose better beans

better beans mean a better quality morning coffee, it’s that simple! and with today’s vast and impressive craft coffee selection there are thousands of great coffees and micro-lots to explore.

a well-roasted bean doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. you’ll find quality and affordable coffees if you’re willing to give unknown brands and varietals a try or venture out to your local roasteries or coffee houses.

lookout for micro-lots and sample different roasts to find the tastes you enjoy. whether it’s arabica or robusta, an ethiopian guji hambella or juicy jamiacan blue, the right coffee bean for you is out there, you just have to find it!

watch your weight

each brewing method requires a different ratio of ground coffee and water. use too little and you have no flavour; too much and you get thick mud.

the key is to find the perfect amount of beans for your brewer and then measuring e your beans with a kitchen scale and tailor your ratios to your tastes and brewing technique.

find the right grind

from automatic electric grinders that’ll grind your beans as finely as you want (to make that turkish coffee you’ve been craving since that long weekend in Istanbul), to the manual kind where it’s a bit more trial and error, there’re lots of options when it comes to coffee grinders — and everyone has a personal preference (ours is the manual kind, we like to work for our brew)!

once you find the right grinder for you, it’s time to match the size of the coffee grounds to your brewing technique. 

and when in doubt, check out our brewing basics and make adjustments from there.

coffee grinder
grind sizes

finer grinds are used for espresso while

medium grinds are good for drip machines or pour-over brewers

coarse grinds are great for cold brews or things like the french press

store your beans correctly

it sounds obvious but storing your beans the right way really will improve your cup of morning coffee. this means an air-tight container that is placed in a cool, dark, and dry location—not the fridge or freezer!

home barista tip: if you use a clear container, place it in a cupboard away from the sunlight and heat of the kitchen.

improve your coffee brewing tekkers

manual espresso maker


they say you’ve got to go there to come back and try something new to find your favorite coffee experience!

from stovetop espresso makers like the moka pot to pour-over styles like the chemex, kalita or v60, there’s any number of ways to brew your morning coffee!

brewing may take a little more time but the results are worth it — with a far richer, flavourful cup that will 100% outshine a drip brewer or single-serve coffee pod machine every day of the week.




learn the barista art

artisan baristas make coffee art. but watch any barista at your local coffee shop whip up a few drinks and you’ll realize they’re not difficult to make — and there are so many ways to easily create these coffee creations and latte art drinks at home.

craft coffee drinks are often easier than you think — once you’ve figured them out!

barista coffee
the barista dance

try a  latte, which requires foamed milk, which requires a whisk and a saucepan. easy right

an americano can be made with a moka pot and a boiled water

do you like flavoured drinks? whisper it… syrups are the secret 😉

home barista?


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