kalita wave brew basics

the japanese flat-bottom dripper

the kalita wave dripper features a flat-bottomed brew bed for even extraction and a filter design that reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself.

similar to a chemex or v60, the kalita wave makes for a clean cup, though it differs from its compatriots with a markedly different extraction configuration.

with our brewing basics, you can achieve a final cup reminiscent of a drip coffeemaker but with a noticeably more delicate and complex finish. we use a pulse rather than a continuous pour method when adding the water which means you may need to adjust your timings if you want to give your grounds more time to bloom, especially if you’re using ridiculously fresh coffee!

coffee bean sketch

brewing specs

coffee: 24g

grind: medium

water: 400g

water temp: 185°f / 85°c

brew ratio: approx. 1:17

brewing time: 3mins 45secs

kalita wave sketch

brew tools

kalita wave brewer

kalita cone filter

burr grinder

gooseneck kettle

digital kitchen scale


kalita wave pour

step-by-step brewing method

step 01. bring your water to the boil and set it aside to cool

step 02. while your water heats, grind the coffee to medium size. Now, set up your kalita wave on your cup and add the filter. place your setup onto the scale and zero

step 03. thoroughly wet your filter with 60g of water. throw away the water and reset your rig on the scale

kalita wave dripper
kalita wave shot

step 04. add your grounds and shake the kalita gently to level your coffee bed. reset your scale to zero

step 05. to bloom your coffee, start the timer and slowly pour 50g of water evenly over the grounds. use a circular pouring motion to thoroughly saturate the coffee grounds. blooming should take on average 35 seconds, but this depends on the freshness of your coffee beans. adjust accordingly and at your discretion

step 06. start your first pulse by pouring 100g of water over 15 seconds, starting from the center of the kalita wave and working outward in concentric circles. by this point, the scale should read 150g and the timer should read 0:50

step 07. wait 10 seconds and repeat the process 5 times in 50g increments. in the end, your scale should read 400g and the timer should read 3:00

step 08. let your coffee drawdown through the kalita; it should take about 45 seconds

step 09. remove and discard the filter. green fingers tip: add your coffee grounds to plants as fertilizer

step 10. let the coffee finish dripping. your brew is now ready to enjoy

stopwatch sketch

pulse check

make sure your pulse is on track with these timing guidelines:

0:35 to 0:50: 150g

1:00 to 1:15: 200g

1:25 to 1:40: 250g

1:50 to 2:05: 300g

2:15 to 2:30: 350g

2:45 to 3:00: 400g

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