brewing guide

Exceptionally smooth coffee in just 30 seconds

Want a rich, espresso-like coffee? Maybe you’re in the mood for iced coffee with an extra kick of flavor? How about a double shot espresso with coconut milk? Well, the AeroPress can do it all, and you can too with our easy to use AeroPress brewing guide!

Our guide uses the inverted method where you’ll measure everything upside down. This prevents the water from dripping through the cap into your mug before you’ve finished pouring!

Base Specs

Coffee: 16g or 1 AeroPress scoop
Grind: Fine
Water: 220g
Water Temp: 185°F / 85°C
Brew ratio: Approx. 1:14
Brewing time: 1min 50secs


AeroPress coffee-maker
AeroPress micro-filter
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale

Step 01.

Pour the water into the kettle and bring to the boil. Set aside to cool.

Step 02.

While the water boils, prepare your AeroPress by inverting the brew chamber and inserting the plunger into it up to the number 4.

Step 03.

Set your prepared AeroPress upside down (flared side up) onto the kitchen scale. Now set aside and grind your coffee.

Step 04.

Using the AeroPress funnel, carefully add the grounds to the brew chamber and gently shake to level the bed. Remove the funnel and zero your scale.

Now, place your filter into the cap and wet thoroughly with your water and set aside.

Step 05.

To bloom the coffee, start your timer and add the water until the scale reads, or until the water level reaches the middle of the number 3 on the chamber.

Take the Aeropress paddle and stir your grounds in a circular motion for 10 seconds.

Step 06.

Now add more water until the scale reads 220g, or until the water level reaches the bottom edge of where the brewing chamber starts to flare.

Step 07.

Twist the cap on, remove the AeroPress from the scale, and remove the air pocket in the chamber by gently pushing down the sides of the brewing chamber until the liquide (usually a foam) just starts to bubble through the cap.

Step 08.

Flip the AeroPress onto your mug. At this point your timer should read 0:50. Let the coffee brew for 30 seconds.

Slowly and gently depress the plunger for 30 seconds until the timer reads 1:50. Keep one hand on your mug to prevent slipping!

Step 09. Swirl, smell, sip and enjoy!

Swirl the coffee and smell the delicious aroma. Sip your fresh brew and enjoy the moment.